Additional Memorial Inscriptions

Added Inscriptions Memorials

When requiring added inscriptions to your memorial you have come to the right place.

Here is a guide of the process from the moment you get in touch in with Chester Headstones

1) Email us or call us and briefly let us know the type of work you require whether its a new inscription to be added to an existing headstone/gravestone, plaque or memorial.
2) Let us know in which cemetery/churchyard the existing memorial is located in and provide us with a brief description of where the memorial is positioned within the cemetery.

If you have the plot and section number to hand that’s great but don’t worry if you have not got it on you we can usually find a headstone with just a an approximate idea of it’s location. If you have the name on the stone and possibly even a date to help us with location that would be helpful.

We can meet you at the site if you are stuck no problem at all! We are here at your full disposal soon as you contact us.

3) Chester Headstones will now visit the site premises and asses the work to be carried.

Once we have viewed the memorial we will contact you with details of the work that needs carrying out.

You may also require some gravestone cleaning and restoration work which we can help with this too.

4) Our stonemason will contact you and give you your full quote breaking everything down for you so its easy to understand.

5) If the price meets with your approval just let us know and we will proceed to carry out the work required. In most cases we will require a deposit before work begins and the amount required will be outlined on the quotation. Once the deposit is paid we then seek permission from the churchyard/cemetery administrators for the work to be carried out and forward to them any applicable cemetery fee.

6) Soon after permission is granted work will commence within weeks.

7) If there are any questions you need to ask please give us a call on 01244 345145 or use the contact form below we will always get back the same working day.

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